The Bascome/Lowe Greek Charity Shield is the brainchild of Dwayne Caines (Alpha Phi Alpha) and Craig Tyrrell (Kappa Alpha Psi). This annual football match was named to honor two Bermudian men who were pillars of the communities that they served – the late Dr. Wilbur Lowe (Alpha Phi Alpha) and the late Nelson Bascome III (Kappa Alpha Psi)

The football game features members from both fraternities who play for bragging rights and the right to hold onto the Champions Shield, but more importantly for charity. Each team puts up $500 and at the end of the match those charities that have come out to support have the opportunity to win the $1,000 purse in a raffle style draw. The object is to get charities to show up in the colors of the team they support and bring at least 10 of their members out. The charities that support the winning team go into the draw to win the purse.

The men of Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha see this is a way to not only promote Greek life but also to showcase good sportsmanship, charity and community. This event is for the whole family to enjoy.

Past Results:

2011 – Kappa Alpha Psi  – 1 vs. Alpha Phi Alpha – 0

2012 – Kappa Alpha Psi  – 2 vs. Alpha Phi Alpha – 0

2013 – Match drawn 0-0

2014 – Kappa Alpha Psi  – 2 vs. Alpha Phi Alpha – 1

2015 – Kappa Alpha Psi  – 1 vs. Alpha Phi Alpha – 4

2016 – Kappa Alpha Psi  – 0 vs. Alpha Phi Alpha – 3