In May of 1980, Brothers Charles Daniels and Nelson Bascome returned to Bermuda from University in the U.S.A… They met and talked about college, their pledge programs, and the works of the undergraduate Chapters. From that conversation their dream was that one day there would be a Bermuda Alumni Chapter. On August 20, 1980 they wrote to Grand Chapter in hopes of establishing an Alumni Chapter here in Bermuda. They had requested if Grand Chapter had knowledge of any members who had been initiates of any Chapter that had Bermuda as a home address. In that letter they had put the names of Brothers Richard Cann, and Derek Dismont, whom they knew, but were residing abroad. In September of the same year Grand Chapter responded that the requirement for an Association was five members in good standing, and there were no other members at that time, which had Bermuda listed as a home address. 

In 1981, Brothers Cann and Dismont had come home, making it four members of the Fraternity on the Island. The members individually started projects that assisted the community; Brother Bascome started Guide Right programs with two organisations. One of which was coaching a youth soccer team and other was teaching drums to a local youth drum corp. These four members also associated themselves with other members of Pan Hellenic Organisations. These four Brothers organised the first Greek Picnic in Bermuda which remains a listed event on the official Government Calendar of Events. Small in numbers, but big at hospitality, the Brothers greeted Past Grand Polemarch and Mayor of Los Angeles, Brother Thomas Bradley to our shores, and met with him at the Southampton Princess Hotel. 

These four members again applied to Grand Chapter for Alumni status and on October 19, 1983 and were still not allowed to register as an Alumni Association. Correspondence received from Grand Chapter on November 16, 1983 indicated that Grand Chapter could not identify Mr. George Bailey as a member of the fraternity. Mr. Bailey had stated to the local Brothers that he had attended Virginia State College in 1939. He then transferred to Lincoln University in 1940 and pledged, probably in 1941/42. Information was never forthcoming on Mr. Bailey’s membership in the Fraternity.

On September 13, 1984, Brother Daniels sent the names of Nelson Bascome, Richard Cann, Derek Dismont and Gregory Everheart, (a Brother who had earlier in the year married a Bermudian) off to Grand Chapter. The membership department sent back notice that dues had increased and each Brother had to be reinstated with Grand Chapter. Finally on February 19, 1985 Executive Secretary A. F. Moultrie, sent notice from Grand Chapter that Bermuda could establish an Alumni Association, to be named the BERMUDA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. From this correspondence the members prepared for the official charter that called for an election of officers. 

On March 6, 1985, Brothers Charles Daniels, Richard Cann, Gregory Everheart, Derek Dismont, Nelson Bascome and Reggie Mcrae, (a Brother who was an ordained minister of the A.M.E. Church) met at Bro. Cann’s apartment to have a meeting to establish officers and set goals for the coming year. Objectives were set by the Brothers present, and were duly recorded. Elections were then discussed and Brothers decided to appoint the members to the respective positions:

PolemarchCharles Daniels
Vice PolemarchRichard Cann
Keeper of RecordsNelson Bascome
Keeper of ExchequerGregory Everheart
StrategusDerek Dismont

On March 25, 1985, all of the information was sent to the Grand Board of Directors setting out predilection of the Eastern Province, dues and fees, we were granted association status on April 15th 1985, and granted chapter charter status on May 13th 1989.